to run like Grace

I have been struggling with my word for this year.  Seriously, it’s like somebody took my voice box out and disconnected the cord that plugs me into God and I’m all mute and helpless.  Last year my words were BELOVED and BRAVE.  I forged forward in the wake of these words and through faith did a few new things that made me shake in my boots.   I’m like Elijah, with two bold words behind me, tripping into a new year and wanting to run to a cave and hide.

This year I’m claiming GRACE.  Because I feel I’m out here bumbling around.

A friend reminded me today that grace is more than forgiving our sins and those of others. Grace actually empowers us to overcome sin and fear. So, yes, please.

Out here, in the openness of a new year, I want  introduce you to GRACE. 

The kind that chases.


I had spent most of the weekend with my dear friend at her farm.  With her fresh loss and my old hurts and stings we needed a long walk, a trip to the farmer’s market, a good bookstore and a strong iced coffee .  We needed to pick blackberries and eat them right off the bush.  And to dine on nothing but potato chips that first night, talking fast.

The next day, rested, we served fresh corn from the farm in the perfect purple bowl found in a quaint shop. We mixed tomatoes and goat cheese and let all the freshness of it soothe us.

And then we took a long walk with our dogs.

Because what we both needed the most was all this open space for the memories that lingered.

And we needed to remember how Grace moves.

This is Grace.


I would have taken video of her, but she runs at mock speed, darting in and out of the woods, into any body of water, and 500 yards ahead of the rest of the dog pack. And us.  She’s a blur.

Grace chases.

Grace goes where she isn’t supposed to go. Down hills and into ponds and bounding off into the woods where snakes and other threats are hidden.

grace running

grace running 2

My friend warns her to stay on the path. But Grace doesn’t listen.

Grace doesn’t know there are rules.

There are 5,000 acres spread out and I’m certain she has touched them all.

And when Sunday comes I want to stay here where Grace runs, where it is comfortable and beautiful.

Where tall pines are transformed into crosses by the morning light. Where the dew on the hydrangeas washes away the evening.

cross trees

But it’s time to take the road home.

road home

And as I turn  from the fields to the familiar,  I pray a very simple prayer.

“Father, may I go after grace like that sweet dog, with wild abandon and boundless energy.”

Because that dog named Grace chases.

“I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us.”  ~Anne Lamott


P.S. As I claim the word meant for me in my wilderness,  I’ll be cheering for you too, that we all might run like Grace.

~Amy (Blue Jean Girl)


“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.”2 Cor 9:8


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41 Comments on “to run like Grace”

    • Oh yes, let’s rejoice in the JOURNEY. I needed this reminder. Chasing grace is flat-out exhausting sometimes, huh Rae? Thanks for being part of this community.

    • Grace has chased me down many a trail. Glad you are here, Karrillee. We need each other’s stories as reminders.

  1. Agreeing with Karrilee… so much beauty here! You ladies have created a warm place to come visit. May we all go after grace “with wild abandon and boundless energy.”

    • Oh, that is SO true, Shelly. I am a rebel so often~ maybe testing Grace? Trying to out-run it? I’m so grateful Grace is faster. Welcome, sister.

  2. This is great, Amy! I want to run like Grace! I love how grace chases us down too. It meets us where we are – Yes!

  3. I want to run like Grace, too! I love how grace chases us and meets us where we are, giving us courage to go to the uncharted ground.

  4. Grace is my word for 2014 as well. And I have, indeed, been chased by it even in the first 8 days of the year. So I really, really connected with your post. Thank you.

  5. “Father, may I go after grace like that sweet dog, with wild abandon and boundless energy.” Wild abandon, boundless energy and adventure–my 2014 word. Praying for eyes wide open as God leads me on the 2014 adventures He has already mapped out for this seeking soul.

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  7. Hey Amy, I’ve left you a comment on facebook already, but wanted to come here and take a whack at it (I love that!) so I can be entered for the book. I can’t resist–I’ts been on my list for. so. long.

    • Nacole, love to chat with ya anywhere I can…and that book? It softened my heart to begin accepting grace. Thanks for being in this community with me.

  8. Amy, I stopped by your place and am delighted to hop on over here. What a lovely new space for a new year. And, grace? A beautiful word. I heard a couple pastors say once, that grace is like if you were $200,000 in debt and someone paid it off. But more than that–they then deposited even more money in your account. It is that lavish, over-the-top kind of abundance that God does for us. He doesn’t just cancel our debts, he showers us with kindnesses. (((sigh))). It’s a beautiful thing. So. I’m going to share this lovely new place on FB and the twitter.

  9. Amy,
    What a great metaphor and word for this year…and Jesus, full of grace and truth (John 1:14) gives us grace upon grace…He chases us…so grateful…and I’m glad you were able to spend time with your friend and your Grace 🙂 Praying His grace upon grace to be upon you today 🙂

    • Dolly!~ So great to see you here, friend. And thank you for that scripture to add to my reminders of grace for the year. xoxo.

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