{post} Valentine’s Link-Up, Sharing The Love

~~Words We’ve Been Talking About {in the blogsphere}~~

1. This kind of brave make us want to face our own fears and tell them to buck up. “We’ll call this a hit-and-run confession…{to read the rest go here} ” ~~Seth Haines at Shawn Smucker’s

2. Because there are vices and there ain’t no shame in cursing them– Deidra’s “Damn Vices”.

3. This post here is truth all up in your business, so much so that it just might set you free over here at “The Narrow Gate” by Amber Haine’s.

4. Conversation starters are good places for beginnings. And even though this conversation has been going on for over a decade now, Donald Miller’s post keeps us on our toes. If we imagine the Spirit going with His people where 2 or 3 are gathered, this will stretch and challenge our traditional upbringing. But we are listening.

5. “If God Is Real, Then What?” by Jennifer Lee had us whooping and hollering a big, ol’ “Yes!”.

6. One of our own contributors, Duane Scott, talked about Heaven which got us to thinking. In his post this week of “What Heaven Will Be Like”,  we get a taste of something that makes us ache all the more for it.

~~Video’s That Move and Shake Us~~

7. Glennon Doyle is “telling the story with her whole heart” {quote by Brene Brown} in this video about her troubles with addiction and being in a mental hospital.

8. An oldie but goodie from Rich Mullins

9. Marlon lives in Houston, known as a visual anthropologist and human adventurer who brings words to life, goes around the world with an interest in awakening communities. So of course, his vision fits right in with us.

~~New Places We’ve Been Watching~~

10. I know this one was for the girls, but dang it, there were some guys linking arms here too at the IF:Gathering in Austin. Guys, you do not know how much it means for us to see you supporting Jesus in us. But if you missed it and have Twitter, you can read the conversations here. #ifgathering

11. Another girl-y place but it’s about telling brave stories at BraveGirl Community and well, who doesn’t like brave stories and community?

~~Books We’ve Been Talking About~~

12. This one will make you dreamy over being creative. “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron

13. Of course one of our favorite peeps talking about art helping us see that life, lived fully, is the best kind of art in “A Million Little Ways” by Emily P. Freeman.

14. Barbara Brown Taylor continues her journey of faith outside the regular walls of buildings in “An Altar In the World: A Geography of Faith”. Perhaps we can drop the fear and just listen to others about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit?

15. One that never grows old for the tired and weary faith traveler is Brennan Manning’s “The Ragamuffin Gospel”.

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