An Offering: From Writers, Dreamers, and Artists

It’s Sunday and even though worship is not restricted by time and space, we tend to bend that direction on the weekend. That’s why we picked today to freely give a special gift to you, our community. A gift that we have been working on for many weeks.

We have woven together a mosaic of words from our writers and combined them with photography to create an eBook. And this book, a labor of love, a collaboration voices, is not us standing in our Sunday-best, but writers and artists gathering the truthful pieces of ourselves, our stories, and giving them away. We offer them with the sincere hope that you might recognize some of your own story in the collection.

So we reach out today, to give ourselves~ the raw and truthful words set against a backdrop of photos. We have other plans for this book down the road, but our first priority is to share it freely with anyone who is part of this growing community: Because any gift of words or perspective comes from HIM alone.

Cindee Snider Re has been working on this project with us and has graciously provided creative photos for the free eBook {<–click} we’ve published. Working with her has been fun and she’s such a gracious collaborator! If you don’t know her, check her out. Seriously. We highly recommend her.

Inside the pages of this book you will find stories from our Outside the City Gate Writers:
Diane Bailey
Amy Breitmann
Tammy Hendricksmeyer
David Rupert
Duane Scott
Nacole Simmons
Beth Stiff
Kelli Woodford

The picture below is Cindee’s cover for the eBook and we’ve included an excerpt from the introduction:

“Maybe your spiritual path has taken a jagged turn that feels like it needs to be pieced back together with the shards of your splintered experiences which seem more like they are tearing you apart than making you whole. Right now feels more like fractured paths leading all kinds of which of ways.  None of them exactly taking you back home where your faith traditionally abided.

Perchance you find that you sense nothing at all. You feel dried up in some desolate desert and you are at a standstill, stalled out by the stifled air of a breezeless journey. Faith has become a lifeline of hope, because this dusty place is too remote for seeing movement of anything spiritual at all.

Then there’s the chance your health has betrayed you by way of a mean-spirited ill or by some foreign body which embarked a journey without your consent. You are too weary for bold faith. You’d rather sleep. And when you’re awake, you go through the motions, shell-shocked”……to continue reading the free eBook {<–click here}” ~~Pieces of Faith–A Mosaic of Sojourners, Perhaps–an Intro

Ps. The ebook will be delivered within 24 hours after sign up due to technical glitches. 🙂 Thank you!

cover pic

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27 Comments on “An Offering: From Writers, Dreamers, and Artists”

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  2. Wow….our women’s team is talking about beauty in brokenness and imperfection. This is fresh from the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much.

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