When Your World needs a Vision of Hope {link up love}

Just when things are getting hot under the collar on issues, we interrupt that program to point you to some things we found interesting, encouraging, lovely, or just made us think.

Encouraging Bites:

 1. “If we want to stay alive, we have to have a dream. And I want to make my dream a reality.” ~~John Schnabel. Listen to him in his own words {a dying wish} and see if it doesn’t just get you in your gut in Grandpa’s Last Wish on Discovery Channel.

2. “Just because you don’t get a paystub doesn’t mean you should shrink back or play small or give it all up. Do your thing. Play your note.We are all watching, learning, moved. You are making the world kinder, more beautiful, wiser, funnier, richer, better. Give your gifts the same attention and space and devotion like you would if it paid. ” ~~Jen Hatmaker in Run Your Race

3. “Kristine Barnett’s son Jacob was diagnosed with autism when he was 2, and doctors said he would never speak. She tried special education programs and therapies aimed at addressing his limitations. When teachers told her there was no hope, she rebelled and took her own path.” ~~article written Stephanie Broadhurst, This Mother Tore Off Labels And Nurtured Her Son’s Hidden Genius. This video, ya’ll? Just watch it.


Things that made us think:

4. “We were an African-American family living in an African-American neighborhood in the early 70′s. There were no white people in my world. My teachers wore dashikis and Afros. With the exception of a few teachers at the school I attended and the ballerinas in the library books I poured over in my room late at night, I didn’t know any white people. But my father had warned, schooled me so to speak….so I knew … ‘the white man was the devil.’” ~~Lisha Epperson at Deidra’s Jumping Tandem blog with “Little Girl Blue: Why My Daddy Taught Me to Hate”

5. “If God is not confined to churches, or to gatherings of like-minded individuals, then we may need to reassess who God is and what a life of faith looks like. A God encountered outside the walls, encountered ‘in spirit and truth,’ must be a God who dwells among flesh and blood.” ~~Matthew Skinner on “Why You Ought To Leave the Church” at the Huffington Post

6. “When I consider abandoning fear, when I consider erasing the language of fear from my vocabulary, it feels (ironically) too dangerous. To do this is to risk appearing unintelligent. Uneducated. Unaware. Fear becomes like a badge. ” Christie Purifoy is talking about dropping fear to live unafraid, {dare we?} in “Brave Words: I Am Unafraid” {a guest post at Kelli Woodford’s blog}.


Places that Friends Have Pointed Us:

7. “For The Silent is a faith-based organization fighting child sex trafficking & exploitation in the United States through prevention, intervention and community mobilization programs. ” ~~For The Silent’s website

8. “We work with the artisans themselves and organizations that are helping women in difficult circumstances. Some women have been rescued from sex slavery….These women have never had the chances we’ve had, yet they are just like us in so many ways. We want to tell their stories to the world!” ~~Trades Of Hope, About Us


To Remind Us:

9. “When the world is cold, on my windowpane, when the day is gone, my heart refrains, opening up, showing love, giving up from opening up…” ~~Rambellwood, some local friends

Windowpane from Samuel D. Ramsey on Vimeo.

10. If you’re climbing out from winter’s load, just remember, this is coming, friend:

Wonderful Spring Landscapes

{Featured photo credit here <—–click.}


A Small Sampling of What We’re Rooting for:

11. “To me, this story {of Jacob wrestling with God} seemed less about the struggle itself and more about the simple fact that God allows us to wrestle with him. I understood that God condones wrestling, even encourages it, because struggle is a catalyst for transformation.”  ~~ Michelle DeRusha’s, Spiritual Misfit {Pssst, her book is due on tax day, April 15th}.

12. “The Lenten season finds us awaiting resurrection, hungry for the celebration of Easter. In this traditional season of waiting, we have an opportunity to let God in, to let Him refine us and ready us for the coming days. Refine promises to be an experience–an opportunity to be transformed by what God does in us, rather than by what we do for God.” ~~Kris Camealy’s on Refine: The Retreat {which is happening next week}.

13. Have you seen this revolution that Jennifer Dukes Lee started with her {pre-released book}, Love Idol? http://youtu.be/LqDgqHK3wRA


Random Offerings:

14. Your uniqueness is as detailed and as different as this <—–click here.

15. “We have woven together a mosaic of words from our writers and combined them with photography to create an eBook. And this book, a labor of love, a collaboration voices, is not us standing in our Sunday-best, but writers and artists gathering the truthful pieces of ourselves, our stories, and giving them away. We offer them with the sincere hope that you might recognize some of your own story in the collection.” ~~Amy Breitmann, on our free eBook to you.




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