Crossing the Threshold

{By Diane Bailey}


On my three mile walk today I was listening to a podcast today I subscribe to called, Here’s The Thing with Alec Baldwin.  He was interviewing Debbie Reynolds one of my all time favorite actresses.  Debbie starred in many films but my favorite was her first movie called Tammy.  The movie was a hit long before I was born, but rainy Saturdays and sometimes, sunny Saturday afternoons were spent watching old movies.


In the podcast interview with Alec, Debbie told the behind the scenes stories few people know about.  She told about her marriage to Eddie Fisher. He is the father of Carrie Fisher – Princess Leia from Star Wars.


Debbie told about how it hurt when her husband left her with two young children to run into the arms of her childhood friend, Elizabeth Taylor.


Alec asked Debbie, “were you ever able to become friends again?”


“Yes,” Her voice upbeat, “once Elizabeth was able to forgive herself we became friends again. I had forgiven already, because I was raised in the church and knew the importance of forgiveness.”


For the rest of my walk I pondered Debbie’s words.  “We could become friends again, once Elizabeth had forgiven herself.”


There is a profound truth so many of us wrestle with in our lives – learning to forgive ourself.  We can take it to the Lord, confess our sins and know He has forgiven us, but unless we live as forgiven, life will not change.


We cannot embrace God’s forgiveness if we are so busy clinging to past wounds and nursing old grudges.

T. D. Jakes


Asking God to forgive our sins in Jesus name, then wrestling with the past on a daily and sometimes an hourly basis is saying that our crises is more powerful than the work of Christ.


Memories have a voice that yell at you in the night through the doorway of an unforgiving heart toward your self. It says you are not good enough because of what you have done.  It accuses, saying no one will like you because they all know your mistakes.


When the power to accuse our own past is greater than the power of the Cross, then the life we dream of having will always seem an arm’s length away.


It is when we open wide our arms and expose our heart to possible harm by others, we find forgiveness is simply a threshold to community, and community begins with forgiving ourself.


New PictureDiane Bailey believes God has equipped each of us for the life we are living. But sometimes it takes friends to help us sift through that arsenal of tools. She is always curious about what motivates a person to make the choices they do, more than the choice itself – then walks with them in finding answers. Diane believes that God never leaves us, so she continually looks for Christ in our everyday life, knowing that he is there in the smallest details. She is the author of String of Pearls and has been on various radio and Tv telling of God’s love for those who have been wounded. Diane makes her home with her husband in the Deep South. She is the mother of two, stepmother of two and grandmother of three. Diane contributes her talents in words as part of the writing team. You can find her on her blog, facebook and twitter.


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10 Comments on “Crossing the Threshold

  1. Di…this spoke to me today. Daughter Amy and hubs have arrived in Thailand but she has blocked me on FB cos she is cross with me…..I know the verse where it says for parents not to frustrate their children and I have done exactly this and feel so very sad…your post has told me exactly what to do…forgive myself….and pray Amy forgives me one day soon.
    Do you know an old book called Women who love too much? I am one of those and I overwhelm Amy…..Lord, I fogive myself and thank YOU for forgiving me,

  2. This is so deep and so true! I had never quite looked at it in this way, but Wow. Thank you, Diane. Heart Hugs, Shelly ❤

  3. A powerful message, Diane. This really hits me today >>> “When the power to accuse our own past is greater than the power of the Cross, then the life we dream of having will always seem an arm’s length away.”

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