One Stone Every Prodigal Should Pick Up

{By Amy Breitmann}


For me, two paths diverged in life. And I, being rebellious, curious, and well-trained in self-sufficiency, took the one most travelled. The one marked “Prodigal.”


I thought God called me to be the girl who could fix things.


The whole wide world seemed to rage around me in certain seasons and I grew up quickly to take care of things in life.  Because I thought I was the one who could. I prided myself on being skilled at juggling all the spinning, important tasks.


But what I had forgotten was that He only called me to be His beloved.




Fractured relationships and rebellious nights gathered steam in my teenage years, even leaving  residue into early adulthood. It was  a bumpy road pebbled with regrets, words unsaid and swallowed feelings. Finding my way Home has been a long time in coming.


I look back along the road as a wife and a mother now. I’m a girl who grew up while I silently carried things inside.  Things that lied to me. But I think I’m finally catching a glimpse of grace and glory.


In the messes of our past, in the mirror of our lives, it is beginning to makes sense. Because no matter what has been, He has always promised redemption. Maybe as we grow up, we can also finally grow enough to claim it.


We struggle to keep a hold of God’s hand, to believe in the mustard seed of faith that first rooted in our hearts. All the while we are seeking redemption in the ruins. Maybe we’ve been angry with God, because there were seasons that no one down here seemed to understand. And maybe, He was not answering the prayer and so you decide to cut Him out for a while.


Maybe we blamed God. And everyone else.


But there are tiny glimpses of understanding now. The path is straighter, somehow. The truth is that it’s not so much that circumstances have changed, it’s that we do. Understanding begins to sprout. Like the promise of an oak that stays hidden in an acorn, small roots are forming. Maybe it’s age and wisdom, that’s what some say. Perhaps we become more sage and wise with years. Some contest that we are all more forgiving and less prone to hold grudges as we enter autumn of our lives.


But we know it’s something deeper.


Because the truth is that we have watched, perhaps with tear-stained cheeks, as Jesus dropped the stones of justice which could have been thrown against us. Time and time again. He replaced the stones with an embrace of mercy. And this act of amazing grace stills our anger, bit by bit. And somewhere along the way it makes us a broken vessel capable of transfusing grace and mercy, too.


So here we are on a path along this dusty road. We pause. We pause to wonder. We pause to hold each other’s hand in this journey, and to whisper words of Truth. Because our Jesus said: “Do This in remembrance of Me.” And by THIS, we are beginning to understand that perhaps He meant: forgive, be humble, let go, redeem, open your table to those who hurt you, keep opening your hands and your life. Perhaps He meant THIS: let the mirror reflect back to you the power of the only parent who doesn’t stumble. Let your parent be Jesus. And as we too become parents, we can see our earthly parents through lens of mercy. Do unto others as we would have them do unto us.


Maybe that’s what we are learning.


And so today we continue to walk this dusty path as we find our reflection in a nearby pool of glassy water. We skip some stones. As the ripples spread larger and larger, finally reaching the edge where we stand, we know. We know that we have to lay the pointy stones down. So we pick them up along the way and stuff them in our pocket. Our stones may be named anger or pain or betrayal. Some are stones of deceit, picking sides, and words that can hurl a person into depression. Words and names that did not belong to us. Because we are something else entirely. We are Beloved. In other words, BE-loved.


We thought life would look a bit more like a yellow brick road. We really did. For surely the path is clear cut as that?


But something miraculous is happening here on the edge of the water, on this cobbled road that is life. We feel a strange desire to search long and hard for a stone named GRACE. We empty our pockets of all the other rocks, because Grace needs room. And we find it under the rubble of what has become.  We pick it up, turn it over in our hand, then we fling it. Hard. Because when we let it go, Grace is multiplied by the ripples growing and spreading across the ponds of our lives.


Before we continue on, we lay down the heavy stone that had begun to sag our lives by its weight: the one scribbled on the side out of pain. The stone called Prodigal.




And now Grace lightens our step. So we get back to the cobbled path and we hear our Abba Father coming.


We are on a path for Home and He is running to meet us.



(And as you pick up the stone of Grace, the one which multiplies, discover other soul-burdening stones EVERY person needs to let go. To learn what happened to that story, visit an older post from Jennifer Lee and see if it does not get you right in the gut.)


Amy 1Amy Breitmann’s name means “Beloved” and she’s on a quest to believe it. Her boots carry Midwest soil but now she kicks it up in the south where she weaves marriage, ministry and motherhood together. Though she’s been a Christian as far as she can remember, her boots are covered with mud from her wanderings. As a cancer survivor, she was the Co-Founder of The Lydia Project, a ministry which holds hands with other women facing cancer.  She also is a lost-sock finder, a keeper of secrets for the best cheesecake recipe, and gets grace in the ordinary. The words that tumble out on her blog Beloved in Blue Jeans are balm that the Spirit speaks to quiet her soul. She loves others to eavesdrop there and walk a bit of this cobbled path with her. She’s a Co-Visionary with Tammy, Facebook Team Editor, Big-Dreamer, and Writer. Find her on her blog by clicking here, or on Facebook  or Twitter.
_________________________________________________Ps. The winners of Playdates with God by Laura Boggess is Jerry who commented on November 1st and Inspiredbyjune! We couldn’t resist giving out TWO Playdates because it is better when shared.

P.s.s. {photo credits: tammy@meadows_speak}


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8 Comments on “One Stone Every Prodigal Should Pick Up”

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  2. Amy – this post is just beautiful. I love the idea of grace needing room. We often crowd grace out of our lives with all the other stones. God begins to fill the cracks with grace and then it comes in so heavy that the stones are pushed out. Love your heart and this message, friend.

  3. Was just reading this and noticed that I won a copy of Laura’s book – whoot! Who do I contact? and what perfect timing, just in time for Christmas!

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