We Want To Collaborate With You

As Advent approaches, we’re building something behind the scenes at Outside the City Gate. It’s been a year since we created this community of a website; and finally, what we imagined from the beginning is coming to fruition. The Body has many parts, not just writers or bloggers. Our desire has been to give you a place here, to widen the circle and give parts, your parts, room to grow.


Copy of DSC_0328 Copy of DSC_0340


So how does that looks to us, and for you, at this stage?


We are gathering a collection of God’s gifts and talents in others, and bringing them into one area. Specifically into one comprehensive post of collaborators. Included in that post will be many types of Artisans creating a community that’ll be delivered to your inbox, which include (for starters): Wordsmiths, Canvas Artist’s (calligraphy, art-journaling, doodle art, painting, etc), Poets, Musician and Songwriters (even new songs written for the community), Photographers, Audio readings, (hopefully) Videographer’s, Speakers, plus link-ups to other places for further reading.


Each post will be a different mix of these collections. It will be for anybody who is looking for a circle of faith builders in their lives with a community of dreamers. And we want you to be a part of it.


Starting February 1st, we’ll be offering this comprehensive post as the Sunday Circle Group through email-only (via Mailchimp).


And this is where you come in. We want to expand this circle and add you. That could be as a reader, a full-time contributor, a guest contributor, a behind the scenes admin assistant to Beth Stiff, a social media collaborator, or a fill-in-the-blank.


Here are 4 of the ways you can join us:


1. Subscribe. Of course, right? This is the easiest way to link arms and be part of the circle.

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2. Guest Contributor. We are interested in your ideas. Shoot us an email and tell us what is burning up your heart or how you feel led to be a guest contributor.


3. Full-Time Contributor. If the Sunday Circle Group idea resonates and you want to be part of it, we want to hear from you. To give you an idea of our needs, we have space in these areas for you: Poets, Videographers, Canvas Artists, Speakers, or whatever other creative outlets are on your radar.


4. Community-Builder or Administration. Perhaps administration is your gifting, or social media is a passion of yours, or grammar editing, or online community networking, and you feel called to the team. We want to know who you are.


We already have a collection of people on board. And for the month of December and January, we’ll be announcing our contributing Artisan’s. We look forward to introducing the ones who’ve already joined us. Or send us your thoughts at: outsidethecitygate@gmail.com


Until then, may your Advent-ing be full of God’s goodness and mercy. And may the Body continue to glorify Him through the many parts supporting one another.


~~Outside the City Gate’s Circle Building Team




Inviting you again to join us here:

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