In Darkness Comes

{By Tammy Hendricksmeyer}


The rain continues to fall, here in east Texas, on already saturated ground that squirts water at your eyeball when walking across grass. The water table is so high, we could spring a leak at anytime. But we keep looking for the rainbow. You know the one, the promise by God that He’ll never flood the earth again. Because on days and weeks like these, you wonder, “How much more?”  And yet it keeps coming.


I need reminders, sure as the sun. As Lent continues toward Easter, as more rain is forecasted, as clouds and mud a-wash the days, as we continue our hunt for Spring and Resurrections, the team at Outside the City Gate is sending us all, reminders. No matter what kind of day, week, or year that you’re having, good, bad, or ugly, this is for you.


Ps. We are working on another project for you and hope to have it ready by the end of April.




My PhotoTammy has discovered writing is the rawest, scariest, frustratingly glorious, rewarding, and essential way to process life. She’s a renaissance woman who’s scattered pigeons at Notre Dame, swam the coral reefs of Okinawa, scaled fortresses in Nuremburg, viewed the Eiffel Tower safely from the ground, and occasionally drives an old John Deere tractor in tim-buck-two. She’s a fighter for others to see their redemptive purpose, beauty, worth, and connection to a supernatural God. She’s the Founder and Curator for Outside The City Gates where she’s also a Co-Conspirator with a team of other writers. Her faith journey is found on her personal blog, or connect with her on  Facebook and Twitter.


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