If You Long for a Break

It’s almost here. Coconut’s sweet aroma will soon fill the waspy air. Hats, sandals, sunglasses being a must. Summer. We live for it. Our childhood is found there. Of baby oil, tan lines, famished hunger after a day’s swim, heat simmering, and skin pricking like tiny needles in both warmth and discomfort. But it’s not here. Yet.


Instead we give you a mini break. A micro vacation. Pictures, links, an interesting Summer reading recommendation, and more.


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And these links just for you…..




Here are two very different people sharing preconceived ideas of what others think about us, what we think of ourselves, and what the reality, really is:


Sitting on a Bench with Emily Freeman, by Esther Emery


What Everyone Ought to Know about Self Reflection, by Emily P. Freeman




Who knew that moss, those soft green underbellies of trees quilting rocks in carpet, would be this interesting? And here’s science and beautiful prose merged like musical instruments in soothing harmony. Fascinating:


“Rain on the outside, fire on the inside. I feel a kinship with this being whose cold light is so different from my own. It asks very little from the world and yet glitters in response.”  The Magic of Moss, by Robin Wall Kimmerer


“We poor myopic humans, with neither the raptor’s gift of long-distance acuity, nor the talents of a housefly for panoramic vision. However, with our big brains, we are at least aware of the limits of our vision. With a degree of humility rare in our species, we acknowledge there is much we can’t see, and so contrive remarkable ways to observe the world.” The Magic of Moss, by Robin Wall Kimmerer


For more quotes and a review, The Magic of Moss and What it Teaches Us About the Art of Attentiveness to Life at All Scales, by Maria Popova



Restoration of homes is a story about restoration of souls at the High Calling channel:




On coming full circle, accepting who we are, and the gifts God’s given us:


“The voiceless 11 year-old girl so worried about her otherness, so insecure about all her feelings, all her story, all she was not — now a 41-year-old woman hearing her own voice through the PA system proclaiming this God who sees what we cannot, who sets his eyes upon us, who calls us into and through our story, who shapes and rebuilds shattered things by his power and his presence.” On Full Circles, by Ashely Larkin


“Maybe you have big writing dreams – today, do something small to start. Send a card, write a note, put pen to paper.  Maybe you have big speaking dreams – today, speak encouragement and love into someone’s life. Speak the words that make a difference even if it’s to an audience of one.” When You Wonder Why, by Crystal Stine


Lecrae is writing a book. From suicide attempts to drugs and alcohol, he’s sharing some honest truth and what he’s learned along the way.




Facebook, oh Facebook, oh how your algorithms are ever changing. If you use Facebook for writing, sharing, business, or most anything, and you’re wondering what the heck like many of us? This is article Facebook Changes it News Feed Algorithm (and it’s control over publishers) It’s not just for publishers. The article also addresses: “It (Facebook) wants to tweak the news-feed in order to promote content that serves its purposes—whether that’s news content or baby picture.”




Have you ever been to the ocean in Kansas? “Imagine being alone in the middle of a vast ocean. Only this is no ordinary sea. Instead of water, you see only fields of grass stretching to the horizon in all directions.” Floating on a Sea of Grass, Tourism of Kansas

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