In a World Where Transparency is Replaced

{By David Rupert}


I averted my eyes. I knew I was wrong and her words pierced, cutting me to the quick. I felt exposed and shamed. I stammered, looking for the right words or an excuse to justify my action. No words come even close. I hung my head and sulked.




What was life like before we had to deal with this, the worst of all feelings? What would it be like to be naked and unashamed, exposed for who we are?


In the beginning, Adam and Eve were completely transparent in the Garden. It wasn’t their lack of clothing. It was their attitudes. It was the way they conducted their lives. When God walked in their midst, there was not one shred of shame. Since there was no sin, there was no need to hide.


I work in the world of public relations. Transparency is a tricky thing, because your job is to protect a brand, a product, a company, or an individual from negativity. The press can shred a person or an action to bits, and good public relations people can divert the attention with truth and persistent logic. But when the guilt is obvious, sometimes the best thing I can do is simply be honest.


We made a mistake.


It’s liberating. It’s freeing. But increasingly, in business, in politics, in churches, and in interpersonal relationships, transparency is fading. Everything is hidden, or shrouded or covered in deceit. What’s true? What’s real?


Copy of IMG_2377


Where are you?


After the fall, everything for Adam and Eve changed. God called out, “Adam, where are you?” but it was not a holy game of hide and seek. God knew exactly where Adam was even though Adam did his best to conceal himself from God. Isn’t it interesting when God asks questions of us? Like he doesn’t already know!


Transparency is the only way to come before God because He sees right though our fig leaf personas, our masquerades, and our silly attempts at keeping our true selves from him. Oh, we have the excuses all prepared but they ring hollow as we try to avoid the Almighty and the questions He asks us.


Transparency begins with the admission of our true nature – we are sinners in need of a Savior. It continues with an admission of where we are – lost in the garden. God knows who we are and where we are.



Don’t look behind the curtain


And yet, like the Great and Powerful Oz, we call out to our co-workers, friends and family. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” We want to believe that the voice behind the curtain is really ours. It sounds authoritative and it asserts confidence. It gives instruction and pronounces meaning.


We walk the corridors of life, shaking hands and calling out, “How you doing?” Safely hidden behind the wizard’s curtain we reply, “I’m good.” Our polite words help us avoid the potential of an uneasy silence. We can’t bear to reveal who we are. Nor do we want others to reveal themselves to us.


So, we hear the voice of God, softly calling out in the garden. “Where are you?”


What will we say?



David2David Rupert on any given weekend can be found wandering the Rockies, fly-rod in hand, and trying to figure it out. He may be a communications professional and writer for a government organization by day, but by night, he’s taking seriously the call to encourage the Body. Spurring another to share their gifts, is a passion of his. He especially points to Christ’s words on his blog called Red Letter Believers and continues to reach others through his many publications in magazine articles. While he has his hands full, he is also the community editor at The High Calling, and adding to the list, his new book set to release in June 2014 is called  Disconnected: How to Turn Around Every Broken Relationship.  While yet another book, Make a Difference: Growth in Leadership, and many more writings by him can be found here as he continues to seek out more ways to encourage others.



2 Comments on “In a World Where Transparency is Replaced

  1. I want to be the little girl that He trips over because I’m under His feet all the time. Maybe if I can get that close to God, I can do better about being real with people, too. Great post, David!

  2. Being too transparent has caused me trouble before but I will take trouble over lonely which is what comes when we hide.
    I have been struggling with some health issues that has required some meds for anxiety and I know some don’t agree with taking them. But I am choosing to talk about it and have been surprised at how many other women are using these meds. If I had a heart problem or cancer I would be begging others to pray for me. So I have stepped out from behind the curtain and it feels wonderful and freeing. Great post brother.

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