Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving & Give Back (When You’re Solo & Alone, But Even If You’re Not)

We’re grateful for you, the readers here at Outside the City Gate. May your Thanksgiving be full of thanks-living!


grateful living




For those without family or community this Thanksgiving:


Table for one, Please. A Solo Thanksgiving


Single, Alone at Thanksgiving? 6 Ways to Enjoy the Day


Restaurant chains that are open near you, just click one of the 3 links included here.




Books for the soul & Holiday reading (add your own good reads for us, in the comments):


Man: The Dwelling Place of God by A.W. Tozer


Faith Shift by Kathy Escobar


Coming Clean by Seth Haines


Every Little Thing by Deidra Riggs




Some things that are right in the world. A positive look:


Good News (Or World in Perspective)


Transforming Refugee Camps from Places of Boredom to Hubs of Innovation


Thanksgiving and the Power of Gratitude in Business



And for the coming season:





Ways to give that give back (add your own ways to give back in the comments):


Shoes with a mission- The Root Collective.



Handmade jewelry for women that supports women- Vi Bella Jewelry. Their story started here:



The LuLu Tree– helping Uganda, one momma at a time.


Ways you can give to the refugees safely from the comforts of your home and also hear stories of Christian refugees, here.


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