broken mary{s}, free books, and a place to congregate


Our colony is praying this a place where we encourage one another, whether outside or inside the gates. All of us have something to offer here. You don’t have to blog or write to join the conversations.

Surprises can be built up into such a hype that they disappoint us. So we’ve quietly had this place tucked away in a corner.

Make yourself at home. Wipe your feet on our welcome mat here while our gracious hosts are busy over here. Next week, we’re kicking off the New Year with our first post and a free book away.

But if you do blog, write your own post about being outside the city gate and be ready to link up next week. We ‘d love to hear your stories. The book giveaway will come from the “comment” section so leave some thoughts there too.

For now, we’re switching on the front porch light and brewing some coffee so you can come on in.

Keeping it short and sweet, we’ll leave you with an invitation to visit  Amy Breitmann’s place with some words about “broken Mary{s}”.

Merry Christmas, ya’ll.

~~from the contributors, Tammy Hendricksmeyer, Kelli Woodford, Diane Bailey, and Amy Breitmann

excuse the mess

We have our hammer and nail bytes in hand as we spiffy up this place for you. Things are kinda naked ’round here as we hang pictures and bring in the furniture. But we’ll be back before the paint dries to invite you to this neck of the woods. There’s no need to get all fancy taking your shoes off at the door. Just come on in and let’s have a hearty chat around campfires, coffee or tea, and we’ll make our way inside as we pass our stories and find eachother.

~~from the Regular Folk here

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