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Like Lice & a Fine-Tooth Comb, Let’s Pull Out Condemnation from the Hairs of (True) Conviction

{By Tammy Hendricksmeyer}   “The meaning of our lives is not dependent on what we make of it but of what he (God) is making of us.” Emily P. Freeman, A Million Little Ways–Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live   After years of running away from myself,¬†of trying to be this or that […]

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In a World Where Transparency is Replaced

{By David Rupert}   I averted my eyes. I knew I was wrong and her words pierced, cutting me to the quick. I felt exposed and shamed. I stammered, looking for the right words or an excuse to justify my action. No words come even close. I hung my head and sulked.   Guilty.   […]

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