On Claiming Your Priesthood

{By Tammy Hendricksmeyer}   I was the one who wore tight jeans. I was the teenager who flirted with boys and pretended to be easier than I really was. I was the one who secretly waited. But I was the one dressed in punk-ish clothes in my youth group at my southern church. I was a Rahab looking girl. One […]

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If You Long for a Break

It’s almost here. Coconut’s sweet aroma will soon fill the waspy air. Hats, sandals, sunglasses being a must. Summer. We live for it. Our childhood is found there. Of baby oil, tan lines, famished hunger after a day’s swim, heat simmering, and skin pricking like tiny needles in both warmth and discomfort. But it’s not here. Yet.   Instead we […]

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